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Blogging? But Why?

Last Updated on Dec 14, 2023 by Nurul Afsar



Aside from a huge online blow out sale or a ridiculous viral video, blogs may be the best way to drive consistent traffic to your ecommerce website. It may not sound a bit counter intuitive. I mean really, what does free content have to do with sales? But we promise it is anything but valueless.

There’s no better way to drive people to your site than to offer them some free take-home advice or informative insights into the products/market they love. It’s tempting to think only direct lead generation can add to your revenue stream, but that’s just not the case. Yes, finding new customers is important, but so is showing love to your pre-existing buyers, and blogging can accomplish both! Blogging can create an audience of new and return customers that value your brand and are frequently reminded of your brand’s existence through consistent social media and newsletter blog reminders.

Not only do blogs improve SEO (don’t know what that is? Check out our last blog post), they can help you build your brand, attract customer attention, increase customer retention, and increase the likelihood of audience engagement through sharing, retweeting, and commenting on social media. If you’re lucky, a news source may even catch wind of your intriguing free content and want to share it with the world.

Staying ahead of the game can be difficult in the competitive world of e-commerce, so we encourage all online sales gurus to keep up to date with the best practices and consistently offer valuable content to their fans. To learn how we can help you with your blogging needs, visit our services page here. The Numinix team is happy to take your sales to the next level with ecommerce web marketing content that keeps you relevant and gets them talking.  

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