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Get Noticed! 8 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Content is King”, right? Well, in the world of online marketing quality content is a valuable commodity and those businesses who can produce the best content will be around for the long haul.

Content marketing is more than posting on a blog or tweeting the latest product launch. Content marketing can be used for a wide variety of purposes from enhancing the promotion of an established product to lead generation and increased conversions. It centers on using creativity to market a product or service.

Here are 8 ways to take your content marketing campaigns to a new level:

  1. Free report – The best way to increase your leadership status in the industry you serve is to create a free report or a whitepaper that solves a problem in your industry. By supplying solutions, your audience will see you as an expert and continue to follow your products and services.
  2. Free course for email subscribers – A mini training is a great method to spread valuable content. Training is always welcomed by followers and mini-trainings can either boost your expertise or act as a tease for a full training series you are offering in the future.
  3. Blog post series – Kick up your blog posts a notch! Series are a great way to captivate readers, especially if your content is top notch. Once you hook them in with Part 1, they will be waiting for consecutive parts. It’s a great method to keep readers engaged.
  4. Create videos – Videos represent a visual form of content. If you are not skilled at creating videos, you can assemble some of your top-rated blog posts and make a PowerPoint presentation out of them. Add visual interest by including images.
  5. Social media – Social media is also a form of content. Twitter and Facebook are the ideal places to start if you are not already a participant in the social space. Engage with your followers and remember to avoid excess selling.
  6. Building relationships – Don’t be afraid to build partnerships and professional relationships within your content. Highlight an expert in your industry in one of your blog or Facebook posts. Snag an interview with a book author and create a video or podcast. Just because you sit behind your computer screen does not mean you will not need to network and build relationships within your specific niche.
  7. Hollywood – Think of different angles you can use to make your content more interesting. Compare your subject matter to a celebrity event. For example, if you sell wedding accessories you could write a piece on “How to Get Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Favors on a Middle Class Budget”. Find out the wedding favors of the celebrities and match them to a similar favor you sell. These types of concepts rate very well and often get spread virally.
  8. Search Digg – Digg is a great source for content ideas. Search for the most popular articles and work a story or article around it that pertains to your industry. If the content is too obscure, use Digg as a source for creating catchy headlines.

Get Noticed! The mantra should actually read, “Valuable Content is King”. It’s important to cater to the needs of your audience with every piece of content you compose, whether audio, video or the written word. Treat every piece of content as if CNN was creating a story on it. This will force you to put out your best work each and every time.


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