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How to improve checkout conversion


Did you know that the average shopping cart abandonment rate varies around 60% and 80% for online stores? Those rates mean that most of online visitors give up on their purchase a bit before or at the checkout stage. It also means that devoting time and attention to improving your checkout process can result in considerable revenue growth. But what makes a good checkout? Here are some of the attributes:

No distractions
When it comes to designing your store’s checkout process one golden rule is to keep it distraction free. If your buyers are motivated enough to enter the checkout funnel the last thing you want is to distract them with information that might lure them away from completing the purchase.

Concise text
Make sure your content is brief and clear. You should be using the minimum amount of words possible to get your message across. The less text you display on your page the easier it will be for your visitors to scan through and move on.

Short and easy forms
Filling out a form online is already a stressful task, so only ask for the necessary information. Also make sure the form is fillable at all devices and screen sizes. Nowadays it is more likely  that your users will be completing a purchase on mobile than on a desktop.

Well timed
A good checkout process displays the right content exactly when the user needs it. Some examples would be showing a security badge next to the payment information form or the cart summary next to the order total and a progress indication throughout the whole process.

Consistent design
Besides being clean a checkout design should also be intuitive. Relevant information should be designed in a way that the customer will not miss it.

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to the checkout process? Share your thoughts below.


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