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How to Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

emailsI’m sure you have heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”.  Basically, for years marketers have been touting an “email list” as one of the most effective online strategies.

Email lists allow business owners to connect with customers, build relationships and establish a loyal following. Businesses use subscriber emails to launch new products, share valuable information, inform customers of discounts, etc. In fact, according to eMarketer, 97% of small businesses utilize email marketing.

However, the biggest hurdle email marketers face is to get their readers to open emails and click on links.

If you already took the plunge and started an email marketing campaign but you are experiencing some difficulty with readers opening and responding to your emails, here are some tips that may help…


This may seem redundant but great content is a MUST. Not just great content, but content that is targeted to your audience. The best content will fall flat if it is not interesting to your readers. For example, if you sell office equipment, offer helpful office organizing tips or how to feel comfortable in an office chair. Essentially, any content that will help your reader will qualify.

Do you know your audience? What are their problems? Are they looking for any specific solutions? You will need to study your analytics first to see who your readers are. If you really want to satisfy your readers, ask them what type of content they would like to read. Send out a survey/poll with several answers and the option for people to share their opinions.

Subject Line

Your content may be stellar but your readers will not open your emails if your subject lines do not compel them to do so.

Tip: You are not selling the whole” kit and caboodle” with your subject line. The goal of the email subject line is to get your readers to take the next step and open the email.

The first rule of thumb is to refrain from “spammy-sounding” headlines like “The Best Product to Ever Hit the Shelves” or “Make $25,000 a week, Guaranteed!” Not only will some of these headlines land you in the spam folder, but they will also turn away readers. Avoid words like best, must or guaranteed.

Feature the benefits of your product and try to peak your reader’s interest enough to want to open the email to see what is in it. Also, keep your headlines brief and to the point and be specific.

Use an identifier. By starting each email with a word or phrase that denotes your business, you can help your readers remember you. For example, if you are that business selling office supplies you could start each email headline with a phrase like [XYZ Office Newsletter] or whatever else closely aligns with your store or business.

In the end, once a reader trusts a brand, the headlines are not as important. Remember these tips but don’t forget to allow time for trust to build as well.

Spam Filters

Those pesky spam filters can keep your subscribers from ever reading your emails. Rely on your email marketing provider’s spam checking software for help.

It isn’t necessarily a crime to use a spam filter word, but if you do, ensure that you are not using any others in your email. The filters work by a rating system, so while one or two words may not set it off, a succession might send your email to your readers’ junk email box.

Over Deliver

Go above and beyond your customers’ expectations and keep your eye on the pulse of your readers. The more you fulfill their expectations, the more trust will develop, which in essence is the foundation of every successful email marketing campaign.

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