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How to Use Ecommerce Video Marketing to Increase Sales – Part 2

Last Updated on Jan 21, 2013 by Jenna Scaglione

ProfitIn Part 1 of this two-part article series, we discussed why videos are beneficial to an Ecommerce store’s marketing strategy.

In today’s post, I will feature some of the different videos you can create to encourage engagement, increase traffic and conversions, and expand brand awareness.

Note: YouTube is not just a video viewing, sharing and social site; it is also a large search engine consumers use to find relevant videos on their topics of interest. If your video comes up in the search results, you will attract more people similar to how your website functions in the search engines. This is one of the reasons why video marketing has become so effective.

Here are some video ideas you can create for your site:

Product Features

Product videos are the latest fad and marketers use them to help their customers experience their products more which increases conversions. For example, an Ecommerce shoe store may create videos of a person walking in the shoes. Customers can see how they fit, move and look in motion.

If you sell a product that requires instructions, create “how to” videos that display the product’s uses. What are its features? How can a consumer use the product in a real world setting? If it has moving parts, depict how they work in a video format.

“How to” Videos

Similar to how you will feature a product, consider special instructional videos that offer additional uses for the product. For example, if you sell a purse, create a video displaying its many uses as a diaper bag, school backpack, travel bag and any other use that makes sense. Your customers are always asking questions about “how to” do things and your videos can become their answers.

Look for keywords related to the “how to” industry and use them in your video titles and descriptions. With enough engagement, your videos can appear in the top of search results in Google and YouTube.

New Products

If you are launching a new product line, considering shooting a quick video to introduce it. If you own the company or you have employees who can get in front of the camera, this will display your professionalism and expertise to your audience.

Helpful Tips

Do you have any tips to offer your customers? For example, if you sell aquarium supplies, create videos around topics like, “Aquarium setup tips”, “The Right Water Temperature”, “Bringing Home Your Fish from the Pet Shop”, etc. Optimize them for well-searched keywords and add them to YouTube and your site. Share them on your social profiles and with your current and past customers. Great videos that solve a problem get shared and receive interaction. The more consumers comment and like your video, the higher it will rank in YouTube and Google.

Product Reviews

No product is free of at least one disadvantage. Though your products may be stellar, one brand may be more suited for a particular person. For example, if you are selling audio microphones, create video product reviews to explain to customers the strong and weak points of each. Don’t make the product sound bad; simply compare them so customers can decide which model will suit them. If one of the microphones is not ideal for recording outdoors, mention this and offer a different model as an alternative.


Videos establish that strong connection between company and consumer and make your store more authentic and approachable to the masses. Even if you cannot create every type of video above, don’t abandon the project altogether. Start small and when you experience success, continue. The key to successful video marketing is consistency!

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