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5 Popular Ecommerce Trends Making Waves in 2012

This year, Ecommerce store owners are stepping up their game and taking advantage of new and older trends. For the last five months the following strategies have been helping webmasters rake in more profits. 1. Social Sharing In 2012, webmasters grasped the importance of social sites more than ever since Google published the “Search Plus…

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4 Tips to Increasing Conversions with Creative Product Descriptions

Descriptions can either captivate a potential buyer and lure them to click the “Add to Cart” button or bore them into clicking away. Many Ecommerce stores do not consider the importance of the product description because they think consumers do not read them. Nothing could be further from the truth. A well-crafted, creative, informational product…

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The Elements of Human Behavior that Influence Website Conversions

What do your customers want? What will make them buy from you? Some of these questions can only be answered by studying the habits of your website visitors since one industry’s audience will certainly differ from another. However, other behaviors are witnessed in the majority of consumers and these tendencies can be studied to improve…

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