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Planning to build a website? Here are the stages you must undergo first

Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge by starting your own business or recently realized the need for a digital storefront amid the ongoing global pandemic, there is a lot that’s involved behind the scenes before the launching of a brand-new website. Whatever your needs, the following blog submission is geared towards providing you with…

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Which needs to come first, content or web design?

What came first, the content or the website design? It’s an age-old question that markets continue to contend with, but the short answer is that it depends on who you ask. Both copywriters and graphic designers play a pivotal role in inspiring shoppers to make a purchase. Continue reading and delve deeper into how each…

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What are the best ways to increase user engagement on your website?

The success of an e-commerce website is best measured by its user engagement, as this actionable element earns you more leads and revenue in the future. So, whether you’re new to the world of e-commerce selling or your business needs conversion assistance, we recommend reading about how user engagement affects your website and what you…

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What to know about gathering meaningful data on shoppers

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Technologies’ ability to capture, analyze and contextualize data has skyrocketed in recent years, which has enabled e-commerce businesses to draw new insights from it. With important business decisions to make, customer data helps to narrow the focus on which operations to target, allowing them to learn a lot about their industry consumers. That being said,…

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