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E-Commerce Platform Comparison: WooCommerce vs. Shopify

woo commerce vs shopify

Of the top 100,000 websites on the internet, WooCommerce accounts for 11% while Shopify 8%, making them two of the world’s most widely-used e-commerce platforms. If you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to launch your online store and wondering which of these will suit your business, read on. In this WooCommerce vs. Shopify blog post, we…

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3 E-Commerce Tactics to Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

Increase AOV Average Order Value

While e-commerce entrepreneurs invest a considerable amount of time and money to increase traffic to their sites and boost conversions, they often overlook average order value (AOV). What Is Average Order Value? Average order value measures the average dollar amount each customer spends per transaction. To calculate your e-commerce website’s AOV, divide total revenue by…

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BigCommerce predicts voice interaction for e-commerce sites in future

E-commerce has come a long way in recent years, largely due to advancements in technology, but BigCommerce says merchants need to be active in spaces where consumers want to be. “The experience is really about connecting with the consumer’s desires and making sure you are meeting their expectations. We won’t be able to push users…

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