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Useful Tools for Web Site Optimization

Last Updated on May 29, 2019 by Numinix Developer

This list is updated on a regular basis. The following websites contain invaluable tools for optimizing your website:

  • WebSiteOptimization.com – a free web page analyzer showing the total page size, the number of HTTP requests, and the URL of each object requested. The tool also lists a number of different tips for resolving issues with page load.
  • Zen Cart CSS JavaScript Loader – originally developed here at Numinix, this module was completed by Rubik Integration and allows Zen Cart stores to quickly and easily minify their CSS and JS files to decrease the number of HTTP objects downloaded on the site. Note: Make sure your CSS stylesheets validate before installing this tool.
  • CleanCSS.com – this tool is AMAZING. If you haven’t already optimized your CSS, you can save up to 30% or more on your CSS file size in a few seconds by using this tool. We recommend setting the compression to “HIGH” and leaving the “lowercase selectors” checkbox unchecked. Always back-up your CSS files before overwriting with your newly optimized stylesheet in case something on your website no longer displays as you intended.
  • Pingdom Tools – like websiteoptimization.com, this tool allows you to view the number of objects and their sizes for any given web page. One important difference is that this tool shows you in real time how quickly each object is downloading.
  • W3C Validators – if you haven’t heard of this website, you must be new to web development! Having a website with valid XHTML, XML, and CSS will allow your website to be more consistent across all browsers.
  • GTMetrix.com – a free tool for testing ratings on Google PageSpeed and YSlow. These metrics are very important for SEO and are considered

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