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Why Ecommerce Stores Will Regret Ignoring Facebook Graph Search

Facebook_Graph_SearchIf you haven’t already heard, Facebook recently launched an early beta version of its new search engine Facebook Graph Search.

Graph Search will prove to be one of the most significant launches of social media’s history.

Facebook Graph Search is a search engine contained within Facebook that allows users to search for anything and everything based on user likes and recommendations. Your customers can enter any entry directly within Facebook and receive top recommended results for their queries.

The search results produced from Graph Search are not completely similar to Google and many people believe they are more relevant. Why? Because Graph Search uses the principle of social proof to lure users to click on results.

Example: You are looking for a deep dish pizza place in Chicago, but you don’t want to be disappointed with your selection. You can either search in Google and receive results that may or may not include reviews, or you can search in Facebook where you will receive recommendations from not only the network but your trusted friends and family members. In Facebook, the restaurant results will be categorized by the highest level of engagement and “likes” along with some other factors (see below).

How does this new search engine affect you?

Facebook Graph Search brings the concept of social proof to a whole new level. When users receive recommendations from the people they know and trust, they are much more likely to pull the trigger and buy.

In essence, Facebook Graph Search is another opportunity for business owners to optimize their businesses to appear front and center in Facebook’s search results. Similar to SEO via Google, with Facebook, you can optimize your Pages to improve your exposure and be found within the first few pages of Facebook’s results.

We don’t know exactly when Facebook will launch this search engine to the public, but if you want to take advantage of this prime opportunity, I would start preparing your Page right now.

Here are a few things you can do to start:

  • Complete your About description with at least a few sentences of keyword-rich copy.
  • Use a Facebook vanity url
  • Select relevant categories and sub-categories – they are used to determine the search results.
  • If you have a physical retail store, add your full contact information including your address.
  • Tag your Facebook photos with your name and location

Aside from these basic optimization tips, focus on increasing engagement and “likes” to your Page. An occasional post or comment won’t help you. You must fully engage in your social media marketing to optimize your Page for Facebook Graph Search.

You can use free methods like engaging on other Pages, promoting your Page on other sites and various other free methods, but these strategies usually take a long time to execute. If you want to position yourself for Facebook Graph Search sooner than later, consider some other strategies like contests, promotions and Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising works well for B2C companies. It takes some time to test and tweak but once you find the sweet spot, it can be quite effective. In just one week, I helped a client go from 0 likes to 250+, all with one simple ad. I used a “like-gate” and directed users to a Facebook tab to watch free videos. Users need to “like” the Page to reveal the videos. You can also use other media for the like-gate such as free discounts, products or specials.

Are you ready for Facebook Graph Search? If you want more information on how to craft high-converting Facebook ads, comment below and I will write future articles on the topic.

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