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Your guide to the top web development trends of 2022

Last Updated on Jul 28, 2022 by Numinix Developer

January is the time of year where e-commerce companies strongly focus on development trends that will and have become popular thus far in 2022. While implementing them is likely to take up some time and money, a functional site that contributes greatly to search engines is not enough to squash competing businesses. Here are three trends to consider, if you haven’t already. 

What is web development and how does it work?

Web development is a branch of the IT field that includes the creation of websites and/or applications. Since it works in many ways, we’ve put together some examples below.

Web development is a technological process that involves: 

  • Laying out service and product pages
  • Programming layout, design, and content on a client’s server
  • Configuring development processes to make websites and applications operate quickly and efficiently

Since the above examples are broad concepts of the work that is done, we will break them down further into a series of distinguishable steps below. 

Web developers are website specialists that:

  • Design the website and its technical specifications
  • Develop the website and its technical specifications
  • Create a concept that considers the target customer’s requirements
  • Produce all multimedia elements and layout
  • Implement software and integrate tools into a management system
  • Optimize each page
  • Add all text and graphic content
  • Test and correct errors when needed
  • Launch the website so the public can access it
  • Remain in contact with the business to carry out further work and maintain the site so that it continues to operate well

Now that you understand the basics of web development, let’s dive into some industry trends that we can expect this year. Since the needs and preferences of users are constantly evolving, it’s important for developers to analyze trending data, whether they’re creating a new website from scratch or simply revamping an existing one. 

Chatbots are essential

Up until now, chatbots were a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that business owners utilized to offer extended customer service, but now websites without chatbots are facing missed opportunities to promote their business

With a chatbot, you can solve a number of tasks without even speaking directly with the consumer, as your virtual assistant handles basic levels of communication. The chatbot portal is designed to handle basic inquiries by analyzing a collection of data and sending responses based on context or provided key phrases. Not only does this help you to solve a number of repetitive tasks but it also gives assistance to customers that shop in different time zones when you’re unable to be online and available to chat. 

It’s estimated that this technology will grow 70% in 2022, increasing site rankings, user experience, and engagement.

The use of PWA and AMP apps

PWA (progressive web applications) allow users to view content on various types of browsers and devices, as it adapts to whatever size is needed. At the same time, the page loading speed remains as high as it would be on a desktop, making it convenient for users regardless of where they’re viewing from. 

Other advantages of PWA: 

  • Receive same information, regardless of device
  • Reduces the duration of the development process
  • Fast viewing

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are alternatives to speeding up page loading in comparison with HTML options. They are also great for animation and video content since it does not overload when activated.  

The use of minimalism design

While minimalism was popular before the start of the pandemic, the world of remote working was fairly untapped. And similar to how working from home is a minimalistic approach to working in an office, it makes sense why this design trend is continuing in the world of e-commerce. However, when searching the term “web developer near me” you’ll be pleased to learn that many companies are choosing to continue this model into 2022. So, why not idolize this sense of minimalism within the development work they do as well.

Minimizing elements in a design doesn’t mean doing less, it simply means taking out any extra, distractive elements to make way for those that are more needed in the design. For example: 

  • Block shapes have transitioned to geometric
  • Clear lines are now somewhat transparent
  • Monochrome designs are in
  • Different colour spectrums are highlighted
  • Less decorative inserts and more functional elements

These projects receive higher ratings and user experiences in comparison to the older way of creating pages which means that maybe you have the “web developer near me” to thank for their adaptability to remote working. 

In conclusion

All 2022 web development trends come fully armed with implementations that will help to keep your site on top of user experience and promotion by adapting to the world around the products and services you’re selling. 

How do you plan to adapt to 2022? Do you have any other ideas for trends that we should be following? 

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