5 Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic

You can create a blog in one day, but it requires much more time to build and increase traffic. Many online retailers are creating blogs to further engage with their customers. Blogging is a great strategy, but not worth the time and energy if you are the only person reading it.

What can you do to get the blog traffic rolling in?

1. Go to Your Audience

This tip applies to all bloggers but more so to those who are in the beginning stages of blogging. Where does your audience hang out? Are they talking on other blogs, forums and social media communities? Find the sites where discussions about your specific industry are taking place.

Once you find some websites, use Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner to research these sites and acquire demographic information as well as similar websites, audience interests and related keywords.

Create an account on these sites and start engaging with participants. Refrain from spam and advertising. Offer valuable content and you will gradually draw people to your blog based on the value you are providing to each community.

2. Use “Share-Worthy” Content

A blog is so much more than slapping up your newest product and writing a small blurb about it. Your content should solve a problem for your customers and be good enough to share. Use eye-catching images of your products and helpful infographics. Target your content to people who love to share.

Tip: If you already have an email list of customers, consider polling them for what type of content they would like to read on your blog. With this one step, you will not only gain some valuable feedback, but you will also remind your customers about your blog. You can also offer an incentive for people to take the poll.

3. Social Media

Continuing with tip#1, use social media to your blog’s advantage. Find people or potential customers on the social sites and share your blog content. You can use sites like to find users on Twitter who could benefit from your content.

Tip: Social sites are meant to be social, period. Avoid excessive advertising and sales lingo. Take time to offer value and engage with your audience and your audience will continue to grow, thereby increasing your blog traffic.

4. Use Analytics

A blog without analytics is akin to a 3,000 mile road trip without a roadmap. Free websites like Google Analytics can give you priceless information about your current traffic, which will in turn give you strategies on how to increase it. You will learn where your visitors originate, what keywords they use to find you, and what links are pointing back to your blog.

Analytics can provide a roadmap to where you should focus and what strategies are not working for you. For example, if you are short on time and you find that you are getting ten times more traffic from Facebook, you can ramp up your Facebook efforts. If you discover a keyword that is bringing you some traffic, you can use it more effectively in your content and link building efforts.

5. Value

In the end, valuable content is second to none. All of the above tips will amount to nothing if your content does not appeal to your target audience. Make sure you are filling a need in your niche and your content is share-worthy. The rest will fall into place.

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