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Get Results in the Search Engines with Google+

Last Updated on Feb 6, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

Google+ is Google’s social network. It sprung on the scene last year, gained some buzz, died down a little, and now it is back in business. Its recent popularity surged after Google released its newest update, Search Plus Your World.

Search Plus Your World offers users personalized search results based on their behavior online. Why is this significant for businesses? The update ranks Google+ profiles on the first page of Google to the right of the search results.

For example I searched with the keyword “chef”. Notice the three Google+ profiles displayed on the right of the page. These three results represent what Google sees as the most important Google+ profiles related to the keyword.

With this new update, Google is “forcing” marketers to jump on the Google+ bandwagon.

Now that +1s and Google+ profiles have become determinants of search engine rankings, consider starting a profile for your ecommerce business if you haven’t already.

Create a Page

Creating a Google+ profile is simple. Add your business information, including location, website and other pertinent details.

Optimization Tips:

Insert your keywords in the following places:

  • Introduction
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Places
  • Posts

Your introduction is an essential field because it shows up in Google’s search results under your profile name.

You can also create a Google+ Business Page. Personal and Business Pages look similar, yet the entry fields vary. Usually, the introduction and recent posts appear in Google’s search results.

When posting on Google+, you can add meta data to your headlines by adding asterisks around your keywords. When you publish the post, the asterisks will disappear and the word will become bold.

A normal headline: How to Write Effective Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Meta Headline: How to Write Effective *Ecommerce Product Descriptions*

Once you create a profile, it’s time to engage. According to marketing expert Chris Brogan, Google+ is a great platform for storytelling. To attract attention and build engagement around your store, share content regularly and include eye-catching images and videos. Consider Google+ an extension of your blog or a place to explore other topics separate from your business blog. Don’t forget your headlines.

The +1 Button

Have you added the +1 button to your website and blog? Give your customers an easy way to share your products. Your +1s will also help your cause in Google’s search engine rankings. Input your information on this page, Google +1 button, and add the code to your website and blog.

If you use Zen Cart, you can easily add the Google+1 button to any page of your store. If you want to give your website a boost in the rankings, Numinix offers the Google Plus One Module for Zen Carts.

Google+ Badge                                                                     

Similar to how you would add a Facebook or Twitter symbol on your website that links to your profiles, add a badge for Google+. Ensure your customers see the symbol on your website and blog so they can easily connect with you and you can build your circle counts. Input your url on this page, Google Badges, and the software will give you the snippet of code.

Google has made it very clear that “social and search” are synonymous with each other. Google+ is now an essential element of its algorithm.


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