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Can You Really Win at the SEO Game?

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Marketers spend hours upon hours spinning their wheels trying to predict Google’s next move wondering if their website will be a casualty of the next Google algorithm update.

With every update comes an uncertainty. Will your website be affected? Are you breaking the rules? How do you ensure longevity in the search engines?

Google insists on rewarding web users with the most relevant, high-quality content and it uses several factors to determine this. These factors are constantly reviewed, tested and improved.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any surefire rules that will land you a permanent spot in the search engines. But, you can tip the scales in your favor.

Would you like to know Google’s every move before it happens? Well, you can’t know every little secret, but as of a few months ago, Google announced it would be more transparent with its algorithm updates. Because webmasters have been complaining about Google’s “secretive nature”, the web conglomerate decided to give users a look behind the iron curtain.

Matt Cutts, Google software engineer, announced Google’s future goals at last year’s Pubcon conference. Cutts mentioned transparency as a focus going forward and Google’s intent to publish algorithm updates and changes before they occur.

These new updates will be helpful, but some things will never change. Google will continue to provide the best user experience, so if you want to rank in the search engines, you must come along for the ride.

Here are two tips to help you maximize the success of your SEO campaign:

Content – One of Google’s latest updates emphasizes the importance of “fresh” content. A percentage of its updates will pull the freshest content (updated regularly) and rank it first. Updating your blog or website regularly with new content can help your rankings in the search engines.

At Numinix, we often tout the importance of content as part of any SEO strategy. Our SEO services include content as part of the total package that websites need to rank in the search engines. There simply aren’t any shortcuts.

For Ecommerce stores, adding fresh content is not as difficult as it may seem. Blogs are a great way to please both the search engines and your customers by offering helpful industry-related information. If you are not blogging, add a resource section to your website with valuable content related to your products (i.e. articles, tutorials, videos, training, etc.).

User-centered marketing – Google is concerned about the user…period. As a website owner, your concern for the user is what Google cares about. Shady tactics and unscrupulous strategies will not cut it, and most will be obliterated if they aren’t already.

Every time Google updates its algorithm it enhances search for the user. The most valuable website will be the one that satisfies the user, does not use any “spammy” techniques, and is properly optimized. In fact, social SEO has now become another ranking signal with +1s and Google+ profiles becoming a ranking factor. I discussed these new ranking signals in a previous article: Get Results in the Search Engines with Google+.

Can you be a fly on Google’s wall? Don’t we all wish! You may not know Google’s deep, dark secrets but a small push in the right direction can increase your chances at more visibility in the search engines.

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