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Hot off the Presses! Google Launches Trusted Stores Program

Last Updated on Oct 3, 2011 by Jenna Scaglione

Today, Google launched its Trusted Stores Program, currently in Beta for ecommerce retail stores.

Is this Google’s next attempt at world domination? We will never know, but as an ecommerce retailer, it’s wise to take a look and be prepared. If you rely on Google for any type of traffic, you may want to pay attention to this one.

How it Works

The Google Trusted Stores Program is a certification program for which online merchants need to apply. They must meet shipping and customer service qualifications in order to participate. Here are the metrics according to Google:


  • High percentage of orders with on-time shipping.

Participating merchants must ship the order within the timeframe specified at purchase.

  • Low average days for product to ship.

Participating merchants must ship quickly.


  • High percentage of issues resolved quickly.

Participating merchants must resolve any customer issues quickly.

  • Low number of customers needing assistance with an issue.

Participating merchants must maintain a low number of customers who experience order issues and need assistance.

What are the benefits of participation?

Store Badges – If you meet the proposed metrics, you can display a Google Trusted Store badge on your website. Here is an image of what it may look like:

The badge will appear on the lower right of the website and it will display the store’s grades for customer service and shipping.

Purchase Protection – Google will offer purchase protection for customers who opt in and purchase goods from Google Trusted Stores. If you have an issue with a customer and it cannot be resolved, the customer can ask for Google to step in and help to resolve the issue. The protection offers $1,000 in lifetime benefits for the customer and resembles a money back guarantee if the issue is not resolved. The protection covers the entire purchase amount with tax and shipping included.

The process begins with the consumer’s permission to opt in to the free program. Once completed, Google will receive the customer’s name, email and order details and will send an email to the customer with a link to the merchant’s contact details along with Google’s contact details in the case of an issue.

What’s in it for Google?

I can’t help it that my mind always wanders to my theory that Google wants to take over every aspect of the internet, but I will give the search engine the benefit of the doubt. Google is the type of company that you want to ignore, but you simply cannot. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Trusted Stores program eventually became a part of the search algorithm

Search Engine Land asked Google if there were any ulterior motives for the new program. Google mentioned that the purpose of the program was to boost ecommerce spending by increasing consumer confidence while shopping online. This may be the case, but speculation suggests that there will be future integrations with Checkout. Only time will tell.

When asked if the Trusted Stores could use the icon in their Google Adwords campaigns, Google had not decided just yet. The program is still in infant stages and has not been rolled out to the general public.

What do you think about the new program?

3 thoughts on “Hot off the Presses! Google Launches Trusted Stores Program

  1. Why can’t i find any store store with this badge to see how it look like? I’ve tried to find it on o.com, waifair, babyage, but there are no badges from google 🙁

  2. I can definitely see this being used to give trusted stores better placement in search results. You make a good point about integrating with Google Checkout. Could be their re-attempt to take out eBay/PayPal.

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