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How to upgrade your website to lure in millennials

Millennial shoppers are slowly becoming the largest demographic which means that it’s more important than ever before for e-commerce brands and businesses to future-proof their online stores to appeal to the demands of this generational cohort. So, since technologies are rapidly changing and the web development industry is relative to maintaining a successful online business, here are some trends that will help you keep on top of it all. 

Design a website that will target a millennial audience

Mobile shopping is the beating heart of many millennial’s purchasing habits, however, their consumer journey also takes place across a growing number of devices and social platforms. As a generational, driving force behind popular e-commerce trends, online retailers need to craft an intuitive website that embodies a reactionary response to the demands of this age group. So, which Zen Cart web development trends are growing among millennials?

  • Hyper-personalization: Personalized experiences allow consumers to relate on a more individual basis, so if you’re wanting your shoppers to make a purchase, your e-commerce business needs to possess the right type of content, text, colors, graphics, and maneuverability. Millennials, as a group, are a relatively techy generation, so feel free to get creative by making your site contemporary and sophisticated. Although, keep in mind that this cohort has a short attention span and can easily lose interest if your website is too flashy. 
  • Offer alternative payment options: Most millennials possess one or two types of digital wallets to allow them to make their online purchasers. As a business owner, keep a keen eye on these alternatives and ensure that your website incorporates all kinds of currency options.  
  • Mobile optimization: Companies looking to target millennials will need to ensure that their business site is mobile-friendly. Especially since more and more shoppers are accessing websites from their smartphones. Part of this intuitive, mobile accessibility is to ensure that your site is also loading quickly and that it uses the same content, as to not confuse users that enjoy a swipe-friendly, tap-friendly way of shopping. 
  • Simplify the navigation: There’s nothing worse than layers of drop-down menus and navigation features that make it difficult to tap on a small screen. While an enticing page-to-page formulation makes your business look more professional, be sure to find a happy medium in terms of design scheme options.
  • Highlight user experience: UI is quickly becoming one of the differentiating factors that separate successful online businesses, so if you’re opting to foster the growth of your e-commerce company, you need to invest in page speed optimization to ensure the longevity of your site. Plus having a design with fewer interruptions will allow you to better engage with your target audience… millennials.  

Use your words to draw in millennials

This generational cohort of people has grown up in the mix of huge technological changes, so, the fact that they love social sharing, online surveys, and free stuff doesn’t come as much of a surprise. In fact, this age group is even more likely to read your content, but it needs to be emotionally charged rather than just words put to paper. Use this as an opportunity to select relevant, generational buzzwords to tell the story of your brand. This promotes engagement and translates to a trusted engagement with your target audience. 

Nevertheless, as part of your Zen Cart web development process, we recommend simplistic and efficient changes, such as placing social icons alongside your content, making it easy to share your website with peers. Another great development tactic includes spreading loyalty! Millennials love when a business possesses some sort of rewards program where they’re able to earn points towards freebies. So, trust us when we say that they will gladly promote your business if they’re receiving something in return. 

What other development do you have for business owners hoping to target millennial shoppers? Drop a comment below to share your expertise with our readers. 


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