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Is the Customer Always Right? Zappos seems to think so…

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Zappos built a billion dollar eCommerce business in only 10 years…what is the secret to their success?

In the retail industry, whether you run an eCommerce store or a brick and mortar establishment, excellent customer service goes hand in hand with success. A business would be nothing without customers.

It’s important to understand the basic principles of excellent customer service as it relates to eCommerce. After all, without your customers you would not exist.

Here are four simple tips you can put into practice immediately that may help you streamline your customer service practices and help you acquire even more repeat customers.

Tip #1

Disregard your personal issues – Easier said than done…you must avoid mingling your personal problems with your customer service. You may have had a bad day, you spilled your coffee and your car would not start, but your customers should never suspect you are anything less than 100% present at all times.

Tip #2

Over deliver – Does your customer expect free shipping? Offer free shipping and an extra discount on their order. Go above and beyond what they expect and you will gain return customers for life.

Zappos is known for their excellent customer service and over-delivering persona. The company was started by Tony Hsieh in 1999 and in only 10 short years, they were worth $1.2 billion when they were acquired by Amazon. What is interesting about Zappos is that 75% of its customers are repeat customers – this is customer service at its best!

What does Zappos do that is so different than its competitors?

Some customer say that when they order 2-day shipping they will receive an email from Zappos stating they will receive their order in less time than expected. Are you aware of any other competitors that do this? How about free shipping for purchases and refunds 365 days a year? Over delivering and giving customers more than what is expected will help you to skyrocket your customer base and your bottom line.

Tip #3

Email Thank-You – Most likely your store is set up to send an email to your customers to confirm their order, but do you also thank them for shopping at your eCommerce store? Send an additional short email thanking them for their business and how much you value them as a customer. Make them feel special.

Tip #4

Feedback – You may think you are doing a great job but this is not always the case. Send out surveys to your customers and offer them something in return for their time. Ask them if there is anything you can do to make their experience with you even more fulfilling.

Is the customer always right?

Most of the time, yes. But you will come across the slightly crazed, maybe bi-polar customer who is trying to scam you and get something for nothing. Do everything you can to please your customers but if you cannot please them, quietly move on and accept your losses. You cannot please everyone.

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