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How to differentiate between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Whether you’ve never heard of WordPress before, or you’re building an e-commerce website from the ground up, it’s important to take the time to understand how the two platforms differ.  Here’s an in-depth overview to unpack what makes each database unique: What’s WordPress.org WordPress.org is where e-commerce business owners and bloggers find free WordPress software…

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How to boost the speed of your WooCommerce store

While a WooCommerce store venture appears to be quite simple, it’s paramount for business owners to consider investing in professional web development services to ensure that their website’s load times are up to speed. A slower webpage will increase the bounce rate, as visitors often become impatient waiting for content to effectively load. So, part…

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Why do our web developers love working with WordPress?

Many years ago, WordPress was primarily a tool that was used to create and manage a blog, however, now it’s a very powerful CMS that’s often organized to create a functional, business website. The best part is that aside from selecting your theme and layout design, you’re also able to integrate e-commerce necessities, such as…

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