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The Psychology Behind User Motivation and Interaction

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Any eCommerce website owner who has delved into online marketing knows that user motivation is crucial to increasing sales.

Whether on Facebook, your website or via an email newsletter, as marketers you want to inspire and motivate the reader or website visitor to take action at some level. This action could take the form of a click, a “Like”, a +1, a sale or even a blog comment.

What is the best way to compel your audience to take action? First, the platform will define what methods to use in order to urge users to take a step forward. For example, an advertisement necessitates a call to action; however, a Facebook post must be more social and not appear like advertising in any way.  

Regardless of your medium; however, it’s important to know the psychology behind what forces people to click a link or “Like” a page.

The Element of Surprise

Surprises evoke feelings of elation. Remember that first bike your parents gave you? How about that surprise 30th birthday party? Never underestimate the power of a surprise deal, discount or new contest.

Make them Feel Special

Similar to how a woman wants to feel like she is the only one in her man’s life, if you can make your customers feel worth their weight in gold, they will act swiftly. Make your audience feel more special than anyone else. Offer them exclusive access to products; give them secret discounts just for being a Facebook fan or a repeat customer to your eCommerce store.

It’s THEIR Decision

A customer should arrive at a decision to purchase from you without being compelled to do so. It’s similar to the old cliché of the car salesman. People dread going to buy a car because the salespeople can often be pushy and try to force you into buying. Unfortunately, we all need cars so we must face these salespeople whether we want to or not. But, your product or service is different. Consumers can walk away from your store if they feel like you are forcing them to buy.

There is a fine line between a call to action and a forceful advertising campaign. Your goal should be to offer the features and benefits of your product in such a way that your audience believes they came up with the decision to buy from you. This keeps them in the place of decision making and power.

Friendly Competition

In community settings like a blog or Facebook, in order to get users to take action and comment on posts, inject a little friendly competition. Psychology suggests that people love to “win” and be on top.

What does this look like?

When posting photos, instead of just listing a caption ask others to come up with a caption.
Ask questions that compel users to think. Tell your fans you will reward them for the best answer.
Run a weekly contest for “fan of the week” and reward the winner.

Tip: Inject your brand into these activities as well. Post photos of one of your products for the caption requests. For the “Fan of the week” contest, have participants take a photo with the name of your brand used creatively in the picture.

The Psychology of the Mind

If you can make people feel special while allowing them to make their own decision about your products, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. Try some new techniques centered on these principles and test how they work for your audience.


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