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What Facebook’s New Video Ad Format Means For E-Commerce Sites

Facebook has introduced a new ad format created specifically for mobile devices to help e-commerce businesses to promote their products and drive retail sales. E-commerce sites using the new format, called ‘Collection,’ can advertize their products using a video, followed by four recommended product images underneath. Users who tap on the ad are able to…

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Why social media sites are struggling as e-commerce platforms

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all recently incorporated versions of the ‘buy button’ onto their sites, but according to research, users are still not particularly interested in shopping on social media. This doesn’t mean consumers don’t use social media for browsing – quite the opposite, in fact. They just don’t finalise purchases on social sites….

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Why Social Media Has Become a Necessity for Ecommerce Stores

Ten years ago, social media was nothing more than teenagers gossiping about their dates and informing the world of what they ate for dinner. Today, social media not only has developed into a worldwide platform for businesses to leverage, but it has also become a necessity for many Ecommerce businesses looking to implement a well-rounded…

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